Empowering Minds, Illuminating Futures
Ignite a journey of knowledge and discovery.
Our education programs provide access to quality learning,
shaping the leaders of tomorrow.
Empower to Inspire,
Elevate to Lead
Foster self-belief and resilience. Through empowerment,
we elevate individuals to lead with confidence, making a
lasting impact on their lives and communities.
Crafting Success,
Building Skills
Unleash potential with hands-on training.
Our skills development initiatives equip individuals
with practical expertise, forging paths to excellence.
Bringing Hope,
Changing Lives
Extend a helping hand in times of crisis.
Our humanitarian aid efforts provide vital support,
offering hope and healing to those facing adversity.
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Empower individuals through quality education, fostering knowledge, critical thinking, and lifelong learning opportunities that pave the way for brighter futures.


Inspire confidence and self-sufficiency through programs that promote personal growth, leadership, and the realization of one's inherent capabilities.


Unlock potential by offering practical skills training, equipping individuals with the tools needed to thrive in diverse fields and contribute meaningfully to society.


Extend a compassionate hand to those in need, delivering essential support, resources, and relief during times of crisis, demonstrating the strength of global solidarity.

Welcome to AMA Team Smile Foundation

AMA TEAM SMILE FOUNDATION is a remarkable initiative stands as a testament on the commitment to eliminate poverty and uplift the lives of the people it serves. With a holistic approach that encompasses education, skills development, empowerment, and humanitarian aid, AMA TEAM SMILE FOUNDATION has become a force for positive transformation in the community.

The core of AMA Team Smile Foundation’s mission lies in the aspiration to create a brighter future for the people of Lagos State. The foundation envisions a State free from the shackles of poverty, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and realize their potential. With a focus on youth empowerment, education, and skill-building, AMA TEAM SMILE FOUNDATION aims to break the cycle of poverty and pave the way for a prosperous and self-sustaining society.


We have built a platform focused on aiding

Become a Volunteer

Join our passionate community of changemakers. Through volunteering, you'll contribute your time and skills to meaningful projects, creating a direct impact on lives and fostering a brighter future.

Make a Donation

Empower change with your generosity. Your donation fuels our mission, enabling us to provide education, support, and essential resources to those in need, turning compassion into tangible impact.

Become a Partner

Collaborate for a greater cause. Partner with us to amplify our collective efforts, driving sustainable change through shared expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to creating a positive difference.

Unique Goal

At AMA Team Smile Foundation, our unique goal is to holistically empower individuals by combining education, skills development, empowerment, and humanitarian aid. We aim to create a comprehensive ecosystem of support that not only imparts knowledge and practical abilities but also fosters a sense of self-worth and resilience. Through our integrated approach, we envision transforming lives, uplifting communities, and spreading smiles of hope and positive change across the world.

Unique Goal

Empowering Lives through Holistic Transformation

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Leadership and Mentorship

As the foundation’s initiatives bear fruit, it’s crucial to nurture the emergence of local leaders and mentors within the community. This next generation of change makers can carry forward the foundation’s vision, ensuring its legacy endures. Through mentorship programs, alumni networks, and leadership development initiatives, the foundation is cultivating a cycle of empowerment that perpetuates positive change.

Collaboration is at the heart of impactful change, and the foundation’s efforts can be further amplified through strategic partnerships with educational institutions, businesses, NGOs, and government agencies. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, the foundation can extend its reach, tap into new opportunities, and create a network of support that amplifies its impact.

The story of AMA Team Smile Foundation is not confined to Ikorodu Constituency II —it resonates on a global scale. Its journey serves as a reminder that change begins with a vision, and it thrives through the dedication of individuals who refuse to accept the status quo. The principles that guide the foundation can inspire similar efforts around the world, sparking a movement of transformation from the grassroots upward.

AMA Team Smile Foundation’s commitment to health extends beyond physical well-being to encompass mental, emotional, and social dimensions. By providing access to healthcare services, mental health support, and community engagement programs, the foundation addresses the multifaceted aspects of well-being. In doing so, it empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives and contribute actively to their communities.

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Empowering Lives through Holistic Transformation


Empower change with your generosity. Your donation fuels our mission.
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Become a Volunteer

Through volunteering, you'll contribute your time and skills to meaningful projects


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